New Chapters in Life

Saturday, 18 May 2019

This week and throughout this month of May new chapters in many people’s lives begin! Our 8th Graders are moving on to High School. Our High School Seniors are graduating and moving on to jobs or college. Our College Seniors begin their careers or go on to graduate school. Our parents are experiencing this for the first time or the 3rd time or the last time.

Change is exciting and exhilarating! Opening new doors to new experiences and possibilities can be intimidating and rewarding at the same time. Opportunities lie before us that will impact us the remainder of our lives. What a gift and treasure!

Many people will ask you about your major or what career you are working on or what job you hope to land. I want to ask you one question. What does God want you to do?

Most of our lives, people have asked us what we want to do when we grow up. Those are fun things to think about. We look at our gifts and our skills, our likes and our dislikes and see where we could make a good career and a good living. When you look at your gifts and skills, your likes and dislikes, ask the question not about yourself, but what is God’s will for you. We all want to be happy. We want you to be happy! God wants you to be happy, fulfilled, living abundant life! He wants this for you and He has a plan for you. You will be the most fulfilled and happy. Your life will be abundant and overflowing when you are at the center of God’s will for you.

We, your family at St. James the Less, want this for you. There are many different trades and areas of expertise that might attract you. All of them are good in their own way. God is calling you to use your gifts and talents to build the Kingdom of God. It will be exciting to see how He is calling each of you to do this – as a business woman or a contractor, as a teacher or an engineer, as a religious education director or an accountant. God has given you gifts, what does He want you to do with them?

These are careers. But now is also the time to discern your vocation. Marriage or consecrated life as a religious sister or brother or priest or as a diocesan priest are all before you. What is God calling you to? Who is God calling you to be? Vocation is a question of being not doing. Who is God calling you to be in the Kingdom of God?

You can be a good husband or wife and live this vocation of love building up the Church and society. You can be a good religious sister and love by teaching or serving others. You can be a good priest and love by laying your life down as a sacrifice to get others to heaven and help form them as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Who is God calling you to be? What does God want you to do?

Congratulations to you all! Your St. James family is proud of you! We are here for you! Know that you always have a home here. Be assured of our prayers and our support. We cannot wait to see what Our Lord Jesus will do in you and with you as you open this next chapter in your life.

May the courage and zeal of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ resound in your souls always!

~ Fr. Daniel Firmin

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