St. James School Board

The St. James School Board is an advisory board and functions for the parish in selecting policies and approving programs that relate to achieving the educational purpose of the school. The board works hand in hand with the home & school association. Members are elected for a two year term by the parents of St. James School and/or selected by the school principal. Members of the board for 2017 – 2018 are:

Fr. Daniel Firmin
Sr. Lisa Golden, IHM
Jennifer Cline
School Board President
Chris Hoover
Elizabeth Sams
Home School Association President
Stephanie Creeden
Meetings are held monthly.

St James the Less Catholic Church

St. James the Less Catholic Church
8412 Whitefield Avenue
Savannah, Georgia 31406
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Office Hours: M–F | 9A – 5P

  • Church Office

    912 355 1523
  • FAX

    912 353 7226
  • School Office

    912 355 3132
  • Early Learning Center

    912 629 2430
  • Convent

    912 355 6815