Atlanta Braves!

October baseball is magnificent! At the time I am writing this, the Atlanta Braves are up 1-0 in the National League Championship Series having scored 4 runs in the 9th inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers! By the time you read this, you will perhaps know the outcome of that 7 game series. Game 1 was fantastic and great baseball and I look forward to the remainder of the series!

Though I went back to Louisiana to cheer for my college team and my NFL team (Geaux Tigers! Geaux Saints!), I stayed in Georgia for baseball! We went to a few games in the 80’s when the Braves weren’t that great, but I got hooked in the 90’s when they started the run of Division titles and won the World Series in 1995. My brother and I would listen to the games on the radio and to this day that is my preferred way to follow the games!

I have no great theological point to make, no great spiritual insight to give. Just wanted to say, “GO BRAVES!” Let’s bring home a World Series!

Brother’s Weekend

Each fall, my brothers (including my brother-in-law) and I get together for a weekend to spend time with each other. It began by attending football games in Baton Rouge and in New Orleans, but has morphed into hanging out, watching the games on TV, and enjoying each other! I am so glad we do this! Yes, we are brothers and that bond will always be there, but it is always good to strengthen our friendship and deepen our love for each other. The best way to do that as family is to be with each other, to do things together, to experience life, to journey together. This weekend (October 16-18) is Brother’s Weekend. Time will be spent laughing, sharing, eating, drinking, cheering, swapping stories, and sharing life!

In other words, we will be being family! And I cherish this time every year!

PS – My sisters and sisters-in-law are beginning the same tradition this year!

May the Lord bless you and your families abundantly this week!

~ Fr. Daniel F. Firmin


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