Isle of Hope Chapel

In 1874, Benedictine monks from the St. Vincent Monastery in Latrobe, Pennsylvania arrived on the Isle Hope to establish a novitiate, a chapel, and a school on Skidaway Island. The land on which the Chapel sits was given by Doctor Stephen Dupon. After one year all the monks except one died during the yellow fever epidemic.

The monks abandoned the mission but returned for 11 years in 1877. They left in 1888 only to return and serve the faithful in that area in 1908. The monks served there until the 1970’s when the diocesan priests who were ministering at St. James parish assumed responsibility. It then became a mission of St. James parish.

Today, Holy Mass is celebrated there on the First Sunday of every month at 8:00 AM.

The Chapel is also available for small weddings of less than 70 attendees. It is a beautiful wooden church and is perfect for a small, more private ceremony. Inquiries about availability and rental fee may be made to the parish office of St. James.

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