Building a Culture of Life

Pope St. John Paul II encouraged us to build and live a culture of life to combat the culture of death which pervades our modern age and the modern mind. St. James does a great deal to do just that. We have our Pro-Life Holy Hour. We host the Pre-Cana retreats for couples preparing for marriage. We host annual presentations on the dignity of the human person. These are just a few of the things we do.

Much more can be done. Here are two more endeavors that we will be undertaking: establishing a New Child Fund and participating in the Adoration to end Abortion campaign. To counter the thought that “children are expensive”, we are establishing a fund here at St. James to assist our parishioners with the medical expenses of having a child and to assist in the cost of adoption (and fostering). Each St. James parishioner who is going to have a child or plans to adopt or foster a child can receive assistance. So, I am asking for initial contributions to this fund. I hope this will grow so that we can expand the assistance to include other things which establish a culture of life and support family life!

Secondly, we, as a parish, will be participating in the Adoration to end Abortion campaign. On December 1st, the Supreme Court will begin hearing the oral arguments in the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The result of this case could lead to the overturning of Roe vs. Wade and Casey vs. Planned Parenthood. It begins with our normal Pro-Life Holy Hour at 5pm on Tuesday, November 30th, and continues until 5pm on Wednesday, December 1st. We will conclude with a rosary and benediction. Our regular Wednesday Mass will begin at 5:30pm. To facilitate this, the Lumen Christi Adoration Chapel will be closed from 6pm on Tuesday, November 30th to 6pm on Wednesday, December 1st. Those who have hours during this time in the Chapel are asked take their hour in the church. We will be joining over 1,000 parishes throughout the country in prayer. Join us in prayer for the end of Abortion and a victory for life!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Advent!

Thursday is a day of gratitude and grace as we take time with family and friends to thank almighty God for his many blessings showered upon each of us. May this Thanksgiving be filled with joy for each of you and your families!

The Sunday of Thanksgiving week is the First Sunday of Advent! Can you believe it? It is Advent already! Advent 2021 is the send longest Advent possible (next year will be the longest). Christmas is on a Saturday this year. I will pray for each of you during this Holy Season of anticipation!

May the Lord bless you and your families abundantly!

~ Fr. Daniel Firmin

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