Last Chemotherapy Treatment!

The end is in sight! This week, I receive my final (12th) treatment of Chemotherapy to combat the cancer in my abdomen! It has been a long first leg of the journey, but your accompaniment and companionship have been such a blessing and a grace during this time! Thank you!

The next phase will begin in February. The first part of February, CT scans will take place and then a surgery date will be set for the end of February. Before then, I will be preparing for surgery and I will have another procedure in preparation for the major surgery. The major surgery will take place at Emory in Atlanta so I will be up there a few days before the surgery and 7-11 days afterwards for the beginning of Lent.

My heart is filled with gratitude and encouragement from all your love, prayers, and support! Thank you so very much!

May the Lord Jesus grant you and your family many wonderful blessings as we begin Ordinary Time and look towards the season of Lent!

~ Fr. Daniel Firmin

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