40 Days of Lent has begun! What spiritual exercises will you be doing or that you need to do this Lent? Bishop Parkes is challenging us to Look for the Sacred, recognize the holiness in others, things, and situations. Seek to see God!


After the approval of the Parish Pastoral Council and the Finance Council, Bishop Parkes has approved a refreshing and repainting of the Lumen Christi Adoration Chapel and the repair of the statue of Our Lady of Mercy. Mr. Carl Fougerousse, a local Catholic artist who was instrumental in the tile floor and the stained glass in the Chapel, will be doing the work. The repair work on the statue will be the first thing done and then he will begin the Lumen Christi Adoration Chapel. The statue repair will be $3,200 and the Chapel repainting and refreshing will be $32,000. Shortly, you will receive a letter from me in the mail about the Chapel refurbishment with more information and Carl’s rendition of the final look with the painting, stenciling, mosaic, and angel murals.

Beauty lifts our soul to the Divine. Surrounding ourselves with things of beauty helps keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and our minds raised to things of heaven.

As we begin this Lenten Season, may the Lord bless you and your families abundantly!

~ Fr. Daniel Firmin

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