Ordination and Anniversaries!

On June 3rd, Deacon Lewis King was ordained a priest! Congratulations, Fr. King! We look forward to welcoming you at St. James as you begin your priestly ministry!

As we congratulate Fr. King on his ordination, we also we celebrate a few Anniversaries for the Clergy of St. James! One June 5th, I will be celebrating the 19th Anniversary of my Priestly Ordination and on June 6th Deacon Lou will be celebrating his 25th Anniversary of his Diaconate Ordination!

It is difficult to believe that it has been 19 years of priestly ministry! The years have flown by and the Lord has blessed me every step of the way through different assignments and ministries. I am deeply grateful to the Lord Jesus to call me to serve His people in this way and invite me into participation in His Divine Priesthood. What a blessing to serve you here at St. James! Please pray for me, that for many more years I can be the priest and pastor you deserve and that Almighty God wants me to be for His people!

Deacon Lou Santore has been ordained for 25 years! Happy Anniversary, Deacon Lou! You are a blessing to St. James and to our community! Your outreach and ministry has been exemplary! Jesus Christ called you to serve your brothers and sisters and you have answered that call in New York and continue to live that calling here in Savannah at St. James. His ministry touches every part of our parish and community – couples preparing for marriage in Pre-Cana, prisoners, those who need work, outreach to the needy who approach our door, preaching and serving at Holy Mass and other liturgical celebrations, and a myriad of other things! Thank you for your example of service and prayer!

I want to congratulate Mary Santore, too. Without her, Deacon Lou, you would not be able to minister in the way you do. Happy Anniversary, Mary! What a blessing you are to us! Thank you for your gift and for blessing us with your service and ministry.

Pilgrimage to Lourdes

My parents, sister, brother, and I will be going on pilgrimage to Lourdes June 12-20. Ever since the result of my surgery in February, I have wanted to go. Many thanks to you who have facilitated this and have assisted me in this pilgrimage! I am carrying each of you and your intentions with me. The whole parish will be with me when I go. On this pilgrimage, we will visit the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona asking for the intercession of Mary and Joseph in my healing as well. Then, we will go to Lourdes asking for healing. Divine Providence is something else – the days we spend in Lourdes is the 1 year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis and emergency surgery here in Savannah! We did not plan it this way. It dawned on me after we had chosen the dates! God is so good!

Thank you all for your prayers for my healing! I am humbled and in awe of your beautiful support for me as I walk this journey! Your faith strengthens and encourages me every day! The witness each of you give of faithful prayer, lively hope, and tremendous charity is breathtaking!

May the Lord Jesus grant you and your family many wonderful blessings this week!

~ Fr. Daniel Firmin

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