What are we to make of the Christianity Today article, “Trump Should Be Removed From Office”? It seems to be between abortion and morals. Who are we supposed to be voting for, come November? I personally think the article speaks truth. I’m conflicted. I can’t imagine voting for someone who thinks killing innocent children is okay, but I also can’t imagine voting for someone with such gross moral turpitude. Hoping I can get some guidance.

I did not read the article, but I have heard much about it. I never like it when religious leaders wade into the fray and opine about a particular candidate for public office. I think it takes advantage of a particular moral authority that the religious leader has and exploits the faith of others and sows confusion amongst the Christian faithful. No matter who is in office we must respect them, the office they hold, and the will of the people who put them there even if we disagree with their policies and their morals. That goes for every person in office – not just Mr. Trump, but Mr. Clinton, Bush, Obama, etc…. To use the pulpit to wade into the political waters addressing particular candidates and not issues or policies is irresponsible and dangerous for religious leaders.

I know I did not tell you how to cast your ballot, but I hope this gives you some guidance.

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