Christian Services

Prison Ministry

People who are incarcerated struggle to put their lives back together to permit them to return to their families and society. Prison Ministry volunteers, through lectionary-based spirituality classes, bring Jesus’ love, comfort, understanding, and strength to the inmates. Each class provides inmates an opportunity to reflect on how they are currently living and what alternatives there may …

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Martin de Porres Society

Volunteers truly live the Gospel by assisting in programs, activities, and fundraising events that provide food, activities, and material resources for children in need throughout the community. Gail Brown


Local Outreach Volunteer Educators (L.O.V.E.) tutor children in the Savannah school system who need a boost. No professional education is required. Volunteers are trained in a simple reading program and spend two hours one day a week with the children. Men and women accepted. The sacrifice is small and the impact and rewards are large! …

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Hospice Helpers Ministry

Hospice Savannah requires many volunteers in order to provide the various programs and services it makes available to palliative care and homebound patients and their families. Volunteers are always needed. Louise Quirk

Congregations in Service

Congregations in Service is an interfaith group that was formed to facilitate conversation and understanding between faiths, and provide a community service. The group organizes two weekends per year to accomplish their aims. Volunteers are needed on Saturday morning and/or Sunday afternoon to share a lunch and then render service to a diverse group of …

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Caregivers Support Ministry

There are times caregivers need a little help too. This group will help determine what assistance can be provided to those taking care of their loved ones. Volunteers are always welcome. Marilyn Benson Athey

Career Network Ministry

Volunteers from the Career Network provide help to job-seekers through targeting a search, resume construction, networking, assessing skills transference, improving interview skills, and other areas critical in successfully securing new employment. A mentor is assigned to each person who is engaged in a job search. The mentor will help the candidate to remain focused and …

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Social Apostolate

Located in downtown Savannah, the Social Apostolate receives a great deal of support from parishioners to fulfill its mission of “responding to the Gospel by caring for the poor, the homeless, the disabled, and the at-risk.” Volunteers are needed to provided services through a gift shop, a soup kitchen, a shower program, a crisis intervention …

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Migrant Workers

Collection drives are conducted in March and October for food, clothing and household goods to assist the migrant workers who temporarily work in agricultural pursuits in the surrounding area. Donations are distributed through Glenmary-run rural mission parishes.

Inner City Night Shelter

On the third Thursday of every month parishioners from St. James prepare and serve sandwiches and cakes at the Night Shelter in downtown Savannah. One hundred or so homeless and indigent people are fed. Volunteers arrive at the shelter at 4:15 and leave around 5:45 pm. This has been a parish ministry for 25 years. …

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