Catholic Schools Week

Sunday, January 31st, begins Catholic Schools Week! (I wonder if it is the week after St. Thomas Aquinas’ feast day every year…perhaps!) This week we celebrate the beauty of our Catholic Schools throughout the Diocese of Savannah, but in particular, we celebrate the great gift of our parish school!

Since day one of the parish in 1956, the Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary have assisted parents in providing a truly Catholic Education for their children. Our school is a ministry of the parish and provides a wonderful environment in which our Catholic Faith is handed on and our children learn with faith interwoven through every subject. Our teachers provide examples of faith and service to the children and to the parents and families! I am proud of the incredible work they have all done to ensure in-person learning during these times and to create opportunities in which our children thrive and grow!

Parents are the first and best teachers of their children in the ways of faith. Your children look to you as an example of a disciple of Christ, a Catholic. We are honored to be a part of how you teach your children the faith through our School and through our Sunday School (Parish Religious Education Program – PREP). We can assist you in fulfilling your vocation. We cannot, however, replace you. The School and PREP cannot and will not replace you as a teacher of children. They will learn that it is important to attend mass on Sundays from you. They will learn the virtues (patience, kindness, chastity, purity, etc…) from you. They will learn about having a relationship with Jesus and a life a prayer from your example.

This is part of the vocation of parenting. We, your Church, will not abandon you! We are here to assist you! We have the School. We provide our PREP. The priests, deacon, and sisters are more than happy to meet with you to help you become a better disciple of Jesus so that you can pass this on to your children. We will help you grow in your faith. Let us help you. Call us. That is what we are here for!

2021 Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA)

Last weekend, January 23-24, 2021, we began the 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) – Steadfast in Faith. This appeal supports the growth of the Catholic faith and the practice of the faith by the people of the Diocese of Savannah. Our goal in 2021 is $110,500. Last year, we met and surpassed our goal with 319 of our 1,350 families making a pledge! That is just 23% of our parish. Thank you to all those who gave! Some may have missed the opportunity to give last year or couldn’t support the appeal last year because of financial hardship. This is understandable. Please prayerfully consider a gift and complete the pledge form online at or mail the one-time gift of pledge using the pledge card and envelope you received in the mail. Every gift no matter the amount helps build the kingdom of God in our Diocese of Savannah! Thank you for your generosity.

May the Lord Jesus bless you and your families this week!

~ Fr. Daniel Firmin

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