Creating a Healthy and Safe Environment

COVID-19, like the other corona viruses, are here to stay. We must learn how to live with it, thrive in spite of it, and determine that it doesn’t rule our lives. One of the results of confronting this virus is the greater emphasis on cleaner air and surfaces in which we live, work, learn, and play. We are doing that here at St. James the Less Church and School.

Thanks to the generosity of one of our parishioners, we have installed and will be installing in the School, Early Learning Center, Parish Center (gym), Church, Offices and Conference Room, Convent, Rectory, and Cottage air and surface purification systems from American Ion. These clean and purify the air in our classrooms, offices, worship space, and living space. We want to provide a healthy and safe environment for our children and all our people. Soon, the cleanest air and surfaces in Savannah will be here at St. James! The Chosen Have you seen it? Have you binge watched it? Are you looking for something to strengthen your faith? Let me introduce you to “The Chosen”! In your Android or Apple App store, search for “The Chosen”. This is a multi-series about the 12 Apostles and our Lord Jesus. It is absolutely magnificent! The series is completely funded by those who watch and donate – crowd funded is the term for it. Here is the website: The writer, director, and actors give to us a beautiful fruit of Ignatian prayer. What do I mean by that? As you watch the series, they give you the back story of the apostles and those close to Jesus – namely, Mary Magdalene, Matthew, Peter, Andrew, James, John, and others. They use their God-given imagination to explore who these men and women were in their everyday lives and family. They examine the community of the Apostles and those following Jesus. Is it theologically exact and correct? It isn’t Divine Revelation and it isn’t heresy, but it can feed your faith, boost your prayer life, and strengthen your hope. Do yourself and your family a spiritual favor – download this app and begin to watch. It will deepen your relationship with Jesus, help you understand that these people were real, and help your prayer life become quite dynamic. I would love this for you and your loved ones.

May the Lord bless you and your families abundantly this week!

~ Fr. Daniel F. Firmin


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