First Holy Communion

Christ is risen!

He is risen, indeed!

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to our young people who received their First Holy Communion (the first of many)! What a beautiful day! Receiving our Lord Jesus is such a beautiful gift and privilege! Blessed are those who are called to the table of the Lamb!

Parish Religious Education Program

This Sunday is our final Sunday of our Parish Religious Education Program (PREP). At the 9:00 AM mass, the students will participate in the Crowning of Mary and present flowers in her honor. What a great way to end the year by thanking our Mother Mary!

Thank you to all the Catechists who taught the children! What a gift each of you are to them and to the parish! Your dedication and hard work do not go unnoticed or unappreciated! Thank you to the parents who brought their children on Sunday morning to mass and to class. You are the first and best teachers of the faith to your children!

As we end this year, we look forward to the next. Our Parish Religious Education Program will be undergoing a period of renewal this fall and will include some changes to the role of the Coordinator of Religious Education. Mr. Rex Pe has served the parish, our children, our catechists, and our parents in this role for many years and will now take on a new role responsible for the liturgies and coordinate the Vacation Bible School. Thank you, Rex, for your amazing dedication and work over these years! You have been instrumental in the faith life of so many! Thank you for your leadership and service!


May is a busy month for everyone! Graduations, final exams, Mother’s Day, Ordinations, end of the school year activities, and the beginning of summer have everyone’s schedules jam packed! A friend of mine is used to giving the explanation for this busy-ness as, “Well, it’s May!”

May is also a month dedicated to Mary. Let’s ask for her intercession and prayers for everyone this month and for all the comings and goings, endings and beginnings! May the peace of Jesus, son of Mary, be with all of us as we navigate May!

Happy Easter! May the Hope and Joy of the Risen Lord Jesus fill your soul and your homes this Easter Season!

~ Fr. Daniel Firmin

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