Holy Hour for Healing

Christ is risen!

He is risen, indeed!

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. At St. James, we will have a Holy Hour for Healing at 4:00 PM on Sunday, April 30th. We will pray for the healing of those effected in any way by child abuse. Deep wounds in victims, families, and friends take a long time to heal and we want to pray that the Lord Jesus continues the healing work only He can do. Each Sunday, we have a Holy Hour for Healing and pray for those who are ill – physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. The Holy Hour this Sunday is dedicated to those who suffer from the wounds of child abuse. Please join us in prayer by your presence and participation.

First Holy Communion

Saturday, May 6th, marks an important moment in the lives of about 50 young people! Second grade students in our School and in our Parish Religious Education Program (and a few others) will receive the Eucharist for the first time! What a joy! These children will experience in a new way the presence of Jesus in their lives and, indeed, in their bodies.

Receiving our Lord Jesus Christ – Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity – is a privilege and responsibility, a gift and mystery. God loves each of us so much, that he wants to be one with us in body and soul. We human beings are incarnational beings composed of both body and soul. We are not defined or reduced to one or the other. Communion with God in eternity is what we are made for. Through the reception of the Most Blessed Sacrament at Mass, we taste and glimpse what that communion will be. It is a foretaste of future glory, of everlasting happiness!

At baptism, parents and godparents make the promise to raise their child in the practice of the Catholic faith. They take upon themselves a responsibility to teach the faith and give good example to their child. The parents of our young people receiving First Holy Communion are doing just that! Thank you!

Children imitate their parents. The definition of what it means to be a good Catholic comes from our parents as they give us the first example of what it means to be a friend of Jesus. This can be intimidating and scary for parents at times! Please know, dear parents, that we are here to assist you. The Church doesn’t leave you alone this, but gives you a community and support in your priests, deacons, and religious sisters and brothers. If you have questions or need guidance in your Christian discipleship, please let us know! We are here to serve you!

As a parish community, we share the joy of these young people and of their families. Please join me this week in praying for these children receiving First Holy Communion and their families.

Happy Easter! May the Hope and Joy of the Risen Lord Jesus fill your soul and your homes this Easter Season!

~ Fr. Daniel Firmin

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