Happy Easter!


It is the time of year for Graduations! Seniors and 8th graders have been looking forward to these days since the end of last school year! Mothers and Fathers are excited and nervous and teary eyed as they see their babies growing up and moving on to high school, college, and life!

Congratulations to all of our 8th Graders who will be graduating this week! We are looking forward to celebrating with you as you move to high school! You are still part of our St. James Parish family even when you go to high school whether you are homeschooled or go to public school, Benedictine, St. Vincent’s, or any other school. Just because your time, for instance, at St. James School or in our Parish Religious Education Program comes to an end, you are still part of our family of faith. Come to the Youth Group! Still be involved as an Altar Server, Usher, or Lector (perhaps your schools will give you service hours for being involved in these ways).

Some of our parish family will be going off to College or other endeavors as they graduate. Congratulations on your Graduation! This weekend Benedictine graduates. St. Vincent’s graduation is May 25th. Other schools will hold their graduations over the next few weeks. As you move away or stay in Savannah for this next chapter of your life, you always have a home here at St. James.

Endings and Beginnings happen a lot in our lives. The Lord Jesus sees us through them all! He is our rock and our foundation no matter where we go or which chapter closes and opens. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever! He will not leave us but will be with us always.

May the Lord abundantly bless each of you and your families throughout this Easter Season!

~ Fr. Daniel Firmin

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