Spiritual Direction School

The next two weeks I will be in Augusta attending my second session of the Alleluia School of Spiritual Direction (www.alleluiassd.com) as part of my continuing education. People come to me and other priests often to discuss their spiritual life – their prayer, relationship with God, relationships with others, and many other things that impact their life. This school has and will help me hone my skills of prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit so that I can be a better priest, pastor, and director of souls.

July of 2021 was my first session of 3 going through the school. Last summer was to be my second session, but we all know what happened last summer! I was a bit distracted and physically incapable of being there! The topic for the first session was Prayer. This session will be Healing and the third session will be Growth. Healing will be about how the Lord wants to heal us, soul and body, and how the spiritual director can be an instrument of that healing. Our Lord came so that we might have life and have that life abundantly! He desires to heal the wounds we have because of sin. Sins we have committed and the sins others have committed against us cause wounds in our soul and in our relationships with each other (especially family and friends), with the Church, with the world and our community, and with God. Jesus wants us to be whole, holy, healed. As the Lord heals me from my own wounds, I pray that the Lord can use me to bring about wholeness, holiness, in His people, especially those entrusted to my care at St. James. Please pray for me while I am away. I will return July 29 or 30 as everyone returns to prepare for school. My goodness, this was a short summer!

May you and your families have a wonderful week and may the blessings of Almighty God be showered upon you!

~ Fr. Daniel Firmin

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