School Returns!

Monday, August 8th, we welcome back our students and families to St. James School! After a few months away, life returns to a normal schedule of getting up earlier, going to bed earlier, classes and bells, uniforms, haircuts, etc…. I think the children are looking forward to it! I am certain the parents are more …

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Welcome Back to School!

Last week and this coming week our students are heading back into the classroom for another school year! This year will be the 65th year that our School and Parish have been forming our youth and assisting our parents in their vocation of passing on the faith to the next generation! What a beautiful apostolate …

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Welcome Back!

Tomorrow will be the first day of the new school year! The church campus will once again teem with life as the parents begin dropping off their children for the school day and the laughter and voices of the children fill the halls and the fields with joy! Each year St. James comes back to …

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